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Travel - Walk Weybridge to Staines

Walk on 15 June 2004

Start at Weybridge

Leave Weybridge by old bridge over river Wey.

Cross this footbridge.

Walk along towpath under road bridge


Continue along towpath until you get to a track to the road.

Leave road here

It is marked as Public footpath 10

Keep to left to avoid pond

Past pond turn right

The footpath can be very overgrown here.

Follow the electricity lines

Don't bother to join footpath here as it is too overgrown, just turn left and walk through field.

Stop to admire pylons, there are many examples in Weybridge.

Squeeze past this gate and cross this bridge.

Cross this field diagonally.

There is a faint track through the field.

At the other side of the field turn left onto the road

Turn right here following cycle route.

Walk into Chertsey for a light snack.

Retrace route

Take road to Chertsey Bridge

Lunch in Staines.

Bus back to Weybridge.


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